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5 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Website Traffic

Posted by - November 3, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange


How much traffic you’re getting on your website? Do you know you can double it organically?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role when you’re looking for ways to organically boost traffic. Once your website begins to rank on the first page, you will start getting more visitors. More visitors mean more conversions.

If you’re ready to increase traffic on your website, these advanced SEO techniques are just for you:

1. SEO Audit – Just like every other thing, your website also needs to be audit on regular basis to know why you’re not getting enough search traffic. Complete a systematic examination of your website which includes overall website performance which includes meta titles, descriptions, keywords, URL structure, blog posts, ALT tags, content, external links, etc. Based on the current performance, set new goals and implement the latest SEO tactics to reach them.

2. Focus On Users – Know what your users want by obtaining data from them and using it to build a stronger platform. Your website should have a purpose and you need to focus on what your target customers are looking for. Listen to your customers carefully and be always open for feedback as it guides the content you create to attract more of them. For this, you can use social media platforms like Quora, Google Analytics, blog posts, visitor comments, and other social media platforms.

3. Mobile-Friendly Website – It is extremely important these days that your website looks good and performs well on mobile devices. You must be aware of the update that Google introduces in May 2016 with regard to their search algorithm that boosts organic search results rankings to mobile-friendly websites. So if you want more traffic, you will have to make it responsive as more than 60% of daily searched are performed on a mobile device. Making your mobile-friendly has become a standard now.

4. Best Content – Create the best content you possibly can because your website is a representation of your website. Instead of publishing useless regular articles, you should focus on creating high-quality content. Try to maintain the highest standards of quality every time you publish something. The best content should be the minimum that says exactly what you want to say. In simple words, don’t just tell stories but stay to-the-point. When creating pages on your site, it’s crucial that they have substantial content. Also, the content should be fresh as search engines prefer sites that are regularly updated. Consider internal linking whenever possible.

5. Keywords – It is one the most basic but important aspects of SEO because keywords tell search engines what your site and pages are about. Therefore, having relevant keywords in your title, header page, Meta descriptions, and the main body is of utmost importance. Think about including long-tail keywords as by focusing on them you have a better chance of ranking well and attract more traffic. Furthermore, include location-based keywords that tell what your products or services are specifically about.

Last but not the least; don’t fall in love with false promises or shortcuts to increasing traffic instantly. There’s nothing like a shortcut in the world of SEO…

Posted by - November 3, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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