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5 Strategies to Restore Your Facebook Engagements to All-Time High

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

5 Strategies to Restore Your Facebook Engagements to All-Time High

Is free falling Facebook audience engagement of your brand giving you sleepless nights? Don’t worry! This annoying downward spiral could be fixed. Facebook algorithms have been recently changed taking a toll on the marketing efforts. So, you aren’t alone! FB has pushed more efforts to put a bar on the spammy tactics which businesses were using earlier to gain engagement. If you are using the one, it’s time to revamp your Facebook engagement strategy to get back on your feet.

How to begin? That’s what keeps marketers wondering! Let’s show you how you could make a comeback with a greater Facebook engagement using strategies that work. Here we go!

1. Schedule Your Posts at a Perfect Time

Timing is the key, not just in real life but on Facebook as well. Facebook’s algorithm just loves it and always keens to reward those posts with more engagement that strike at the perfect time. Just schedule your posts when your audiences are most active to leave your competitors behind. But don’t shoot up in the dark rather follow a data-driven approach while picking up the best time for your post schedules. Analyze your past posts and choose a time that has given you better results.

2. Create a Fan-Centric Content to Drive Results

Just simply creating that boring promotional content that makes your users yawn? Sharing your success stories once a while is good but beating around the bush always could result in customer turnover. That’s why you should create a fan-centric content that actually has the potential to keep your audience hooked for a long time. Don’t stretch the brand’s promotional content to go beyond 20 percent of your content creation strategy.

Diversify your content with humorous posts, share fascinating facts with infographics and give them a chance to participate in polls to create an engagement your business competitors envy of! This will create a curiosity in your followers and they will eagerly wait for future posts.

3. Stay Ahead in the Photo Game

Thinking to step up your strategy for Facebook engagement? Follow the golden rule – go visual, get noticed! Visual content drives a far better engagement than the texts or links on Facebook. Then, why not attract your audience with a visual content that softy encourages them to get engaged in the posts? It works like a charm but makes sure that you create your own banners and images and don’t copy them from elsewhere. Slowly, you will see winds of change in your brand’s favor with more engagement you have been wishing to have for a long time.

4. Create More and More Video Content on Facebook

Facebook loves video content and this is no longer a secret! This is the reason; FB has lot more room for video content with Facebook Live and many other exciting features onboard. Recent Facebook algorithms explicitly track the performance of native videos. Keep it in your head while crafting the content strategy for driving engagement on FB and upload videos directly to Facebook to stand out. Appear in front of your fans on Facebook Live to interact with them personally to keep the fan engagement metrics high on Facebook.

5. Interact With Your Fans on FB Posts

A majority of brands remain busy in creating meaningful content and they do get engagements which are great. But they fail to interact with their audience on their FB posts. Consequences? They don’t enjoy stead engagements and customer loyalty. When your fan comments on your post, make sure that you return the favor by answering his query or simply saying thanks. Putting a deaf ear to your fans’ comments could kill your success story by affecting your engagement metrics. Don’t be shy to timely respond them and earn their appreciation in reward!

The Takeaway

If your brand is facing the wrath of Facebook algorithms and experiencing lowest audience engagement ever, then it’s time to consider a shift in your FB engagement strategy. Instead of cursing your luck, implement these strategies to see a remarkable change in engagement metrics on FB. You can drive interactions from zero to millions; all it takes is a zeal to excel and an insight to bring results to your table. Just use the tactics discussed here and you will notice the winds of change that will propel your business profits to sky-high.

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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