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5 Best Tips to Grow Your Career in a Startup

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

5 Best  Tips to Grow Your Career in a Startup


Thrilled to join a startup and want to climb the ladder of success in the quickest possible time? But often, most people faint out within a few months after seeing things not meeting their expectations. Working in a startup could be more challenging than an established company and so does the career progression. You might be hustling all the time with lots of work in a startup which might not be your kind of thing.

But before you get despaired and put aside your dreams of career progression, here are the tips that will keep you going. You just need to thrive in the startup culture and these viable tips would help you advance your career in a startup company:

1. Keep Learning to Open Doors of Career Progression

Learning is the way to keep thriving in a startup culture. The more knowledge you hold in multiple domains, the better are the chances of your career progression. Remember, the startups give you better career opportunities provided that you could showcase your working knowledge in various verticals. Instead of keep doing repetitive stuff; grow your knowledge into the associated domains to fill-up the place when your company needs it the most. Stay aware of the different positions your company is going to hire in the near future and work out to grow your talent in that area.

2. Build Skill Set in Demand for Success in Career

Startups always have more work than the manpower to complete it. So, there lies an opportunity for you to contribute to new projects while trying your hands on new skills. Get out of your comfort zone; add one more skill to your skill set. Your boss will certainly notice your enthusiasm and knowledge of the field and would certainly give you a chance to perform when the company expands. For instance, if you are working in digital marketing but want to shift your career to coding, you could do it without leaving the company. Just learn the coding by putting some extra hours and the hard work will pay off sooner or later.

3. Have Clear Goals of Your Future in Company

Being a jack of all trades is good but if you can’t utilize it for your career progression, then it’s good for nothing. You need to have clear goals about how you are going to utilize your skill set for progress in your career. Remaining quiet about goals could leave you nowhere. Let your company founders know your vision so that they can look out for an appropriate role for you when the right time comes.

4. Take Initiatives and Show Leadership Skills

Startups have a lot more opportunities for a career enthusiast to grow as a manager and lead the team. But you should be good at handling a team, take-up new initiatives and show up your leadership skills to gain the attention of your management. Show your mettle as a manager by bringing up productivity-enhancing ideas at work. The Time will come when your management will notice your leadership skills and would give you a lead role you have been looking for a long time.

5. Build Healthy Relations at Work

Building a good network and harmonious relations at workplace eventually leads to a career progression. The one who treats everyone with a cheerful face at work often gets appreciated by everyone. Even a simple hi matters. So, leave no opportunity to get connected with your colleagues and everyone around. Building good relations at work always open door to a flourishing career. Typically, management prefers someone with good networking and man management skills. So, you have got one, you will excel in your career.


Startups aren’t risky; in fact, they give you lots of room and opportunity to grow your career and achieve the success with it at a faster pace. Working in a startup gets you noticed as there’s a little to no hierarchy levels. You get hard every time. Your efforts to get noticed by the founders that help grow you financially. So, if you are struggling for career progression in a startup, these career tips would pave your way to achieve career success. Get to the top by growing leadership skills and achieve new milestones.

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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