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Best Micro-blogging websites with high DA value

Posted by - July 2, 2019 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

Best Micro-blogging websites with high DA value

How to Boost Your Website Ranking Via Micro-blogging ?
Looking for effective ways to increase traffic and keywords ranking? It is impossible to enjoy great results without social media because in present era social media and SEO are deeply interwoven. Everything and everyone are going digital and that is why having a powerful social media presence is imperative to attract the target audience to your website.
Well! While talking about social media presence, you may have heard about blogging and micro-blogging. A blog is a kind of online journal where you keep your readers updated regarding any particular information either related to your product/service or general.

What’s Micro-blogging?

Micro-blogging is a specific form of blogging and as the term ‘micro’ it defines that it’s smaller in both actual and aggregated file sizes. It is the short form of blogging, which allows users to share small elements of contents such as short sentences, images, videos, etc.

How Micro-blogging can be used to boost your online presence…

• Micro-blogging is an effective and brief way to keep the readers updated without making them go through lengthy write-ups. It is an excellent way to announce offers, daily deals, research, and publications, as well as to attract the attention of readers.

• It is a great way to promote your business website and get involved in customer communication because micro-blog posts are typically just a sentence or two. They may be effectively used to share links to your website or blog.

• Some of the greatest advantages of micro-blogging include creating brand awareness, more opportunities, counteracting bad review postings, posting blogs from any device, creating hundreds of quality Backlinks to your website and more.

• When we talk about micro-blogging, we are also talking about all those tools such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones that have brought the world on our fingertips. You can post a micro-blog anytime, anywhere and of course from any device.

• As far as the keywords ranking is concerned, using relevant keywords in your microblog, you can increase traffic to your site. To give maximum exposure to your posts, you need to align your keywords and social media.

• Writing a post is not enough, share it via other social media platforms to maximize the reach of your messages or information. The best way is to connect different social media platforms to your profiles so that posts are posted on them as soon as you publish.

• If you want to increase traffic on your website, grow your follower base by opting for an effective social media strategy. Micro-blogging is one such way that, if done properly, can help you attract organic traffic.
Tips to Use Microblogging to Boost Your Website Ranking…

• Increased number of indexed pages help you enjoy a higher ranking in search engine result.
• Being active on the blog and keeping your website up-to-date is the best way to attract visitors.
• Keeping your visitors engaged with new and interesting information is the best way to turn them into potential customers.
• Using different electronic devices to manage your blog or website gives you the opportunity to get notified for any comment or query.
• Selecting the right keywords means that half the work is done because great blogs have great potential of attracting many visitors.

Find out the Best Micro-blogging Websites with high DA value:

1. https://penzu.com/
2. https://cheezburger.com/
3. https://wke.lt/
4. https://coggle.it/
5. https://imgur.com/
6. https://www.visacountry.com/
7. https://www.instapaper.com/
8. https://www.plurk.com/
9. http://bookmarkingbase.com/
10. https://pin.it/
11. https://www.bagtheweb.com
12. https://getpocket.com
13. http://soup.io/
14. https://itsmyurls.com
15. https://mix.com
16. https://diigo.com/0enra7
17. https://bra.in/3p7XNM
18. http://www.fanpop.com
19. https://www.worldranklist.com/
20. https://pligg.samweber.biz/
21. https://www.evernote.com
22. https://flipboard.com/
23. https://www.ridents.com/
24. https://wordpress.com/
25. http://www.alternion.com/
26. https://ello.co/
27. http://www.screencast.com
28. https://www.swarmr.com/
29. https://www.sqworl.com/
30. http://www.hubcage.com/
31. https://disqus.com
32. https://www.protopage.com/
33. https://www.mindmeister.com
34. http://www.seomast.com
35. https://www.plerb.com
36. http://www.4mark.net
Last but not least, it is important to remember that a blog post is public and you should not share a post with information that can be interpreted as challenging. When writing a post even using privacy settings, make sure it is not pointing to any other brand, community, caste, or people. Make sure you have done proper research before posting anything on social media because it may have an impact on not only your reputation, but also the on your institution, affiliations and more.

Microblogging is a slow process, but extremely effective in the long run because it attracts organic traffic…


Posted by - July 2, 2019 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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