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Brain Fog isn’t in Your Head but in Your Gut: Know How to Heal

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

Brain Fog isn’t in Your Head but in Your Gut: Know How to Heal

Brain problems have spread like an epidemic these days, blame it on modern lifestyle! Just take a look around and you will notice many people struggling with brain fog, anxiety and depression. More than 20 percent of the population in the US has been diagnosed with mental disorders, a study reveals. So, you could see how severe the trouble is. Brain fog often goes unnoticed and wreaks havoc on our mental and physical performance.

If enough is enough for you, then it’s time to fix this issue. But before you look to haul it out, you should understand what’s pushing your brain into an annoying foggy situation.

Understanding the Chemistry Between Brain and Gut Health

The gut is your second brain and various researchers support the fact! Gut and brain both are developed out of the same fetal tissue. So, you can imagine how close their bond is. That means when the brain starts experiencing some issues, you should check gut-brain axis for some clues. People don’t give a dime to leaky gut conditions but in the most cases, it is a major cause of the brain fog. Leaky gut means leaky brain, as simple as that!

How Leaky Gut Syndrome Puts Your Brain on Inflammation?

Leaky gut compromises the gut lining and gives rise to a lot of digestive issues and sometimes the symptoms aren’t visible enough to detect. This triggers the Occludin and Zonulin levels and as a result, they cause damage to the gut and eventually the brain. Consequences? Increased permeability in the gut triggers inflammation that becomes chronic if not addressed at the initial stage. This elevated inflammation is the mother of all troubles in the brain such as depression, anxiety, and brain fog. But don’t worry; the brain fog conditions could be reversed.

Things-to-Do to Patch-Up Your Leaky Gut and Fix Brain Fog

1. Heal Your Gut

The first and foremost step is to heal your gut from the core. Or, else brain fog would haunt you all your life. But it couldn’t be done in a day or two. To repair the gut completely, it may take 12 months or even more. However, the earliest you start your journey the quicker you reach the destination. You could try bone broth along with the intake of probiotic foods to heal the damaged gut lining that’s giving you brain fog for a long time.

2. Reduce Inflammation with Healing Herbs

Healing herbs help make a comeback when your brain gets haunted by foggy thoughts. Try using adaptogens in your daily life. They help restore the balance in your body including the brain functions. The adaptogens such as holy basil and ashwagandha work great for clearing the fog out of your brain while maintaining your cortisol levels. You could also add lion’s mane mushrooms to your daily diet as they help in regenerating and protecting brain tissues.

3. Get Involved in Sauna Sessions

Occasional sauna sessions help keep inflammation at a minimum level and don’t let the inflammation create a nuisance in your life. Sitting in infrared light during sauna is a great way to keep stress at bay. Do it for at least 30 minutes in one sitting to see a noticeable change in reducing inflammation. Involve in sauna sessions at least once in a week to bring your life back on the track while putting a tab on the inflammation levels.

4. Detox Your Mind and Body

When your brain gets surrounded by worries and anxiety, brain fog becomes worse. In such times, detoxifying your brain work wonders to keep foggy thoughts away from it. Do pranayama to clear your brain from the clutter and get it working in no time. Massage with essential oils also helps in relaxing brain muscles to drive foggy thoughts away from your life. Consume green tea regularly to flush out the toxins from the body and improve your brain health.

The Final Takeaway

Brain fog affects the quality of life, so don’t just wait and watch your life submerging in the ocean of misery. Most importantly, address your gut health conditions to make an easy comeback from the foggy thoughts that don’t let you sleep. Though the fight with the inflamed brain isn’t that easy but you can easily make through if you follow the helpful tips mentioned here.

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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