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Demystifying SEO Myths Prevailing in the Industry

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

Demystifying SEO Myths Prevailing in the Industry

SEO world is full of rumors and myths. Every other day, you hear something that you find hard to believe. Search engine optimization techniques are consistently evolving, leaving marketers shocked. But that’s how SEO is! Complicated every time and evolving faster than a blink of an eye. Blame it on technology.

So, if you are struggling to clear your head and put an end to the rumors that you have heard about SEO, then let’s bust them right away.

Myth #1: Only First Rank on Google Matters

It is not only the 1st rank that matters alone. Though many marketers put their emphasis on 1st rank on Google but the truth is more than that! Technically, you aren’t on the 1st rank as Google places AdWords Ads on the top of the organic results. Furthermore, there are some local results displayed by Google on the top of organic results. That means staying on top isn’t actually on top! There are some more avenues to explore to drive results than just getting your business ranked at the 1st position for a given keyword.

Myth #2: SEO Could Be Done Without a Professional’s Help

That’s not true! Anybody can learn SEO as it is simple to learn but succeeding in it takes years. Moreover, the techniques to get your website ranked on Google are evolving all the time. What you have learned a month ago may not work now. Also, you might need to make on-site changes which need a bit of coding knowledge that you might struggle with if you don’t have any interest in codes. Also, you need to have PR skills to drive massive recognition to your website along with organic results which could be tricky for you. Better let a professional help you.

Myth #3: Keyword-Rich Domains Help You Rank higher

Keyword-rich domains used to be ranked better in dot-com days but now this old-fashioned strategy doesn’t work anymore! Now, indexing process gives more importance to the quality of the content rather than a domain name. Buying keyword-rich domains won’t make you rank higher but your quality content would surely do.

Myth #4: SEO and Social Media Don’t Influence Each Other

Earlier, SEO was the only way to get organic traffic but now, the evolution of Facebook and Twitter also help you get the traffic in an organic way. There’s a very fine line between the two! If a social media influencer talks about your website on Google, then it will clearly appear on Google. That means there is a close relationship between the two and social media influences SEO.

Myth #5: Google Bot Can’t Read CSS Files

Earlier, Google bot was only able to read the text but now things have changed. Now, Google Bot can read JavaScript, CSS, and everything that comes in between. It can even detect if your website is mobile-friendly or not. So, if your website is missing out a user-friendly mobile layout, you are losing out a thing.

Myth #6: Frequently Update Your Home Page to Rank Higher

Making changes to your website’s homepage quite often isn’t necessary. Some people just get busy in making major tweaks to the homepage in an attempt to rank higher. But it’s totally a waste of time and efforts. You can make changes to your product page as soon as you get new product in your offering but making changes to the homepage quite often doesn’t make a sense.

Myth #7: SEO is All About Backlinks

Though quality backlinks matter but SEO isn’t just all about backlinks. You need to address each and every aspect of SEO in order to gain rankings. Backlinks are just a fraction of those changes. You need to pay an equal attention to on-page modifications as well. Expecting high rankings after spamming hundreds of links isn’t a good practice and won’t give you positive results.

The Final Takeaway

Don’t believe in rumors that suddenly pop-up in front of you from the unreliable sources and put you in doubt about your SEO efforts. Before putting your trust in any new SEO strategy, make sure that you read about it on renowned SEO blogs such as Neil Patel, Backlinko, etc. Alternatively, you must have a look at the Google’s official blog to stay tuned to the official announcements and blogs to help you know what’s trending in the SEO world. Believing in SEO myths is like being a bottleneck in your own business growth. Be wary of it!

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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