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Best 15 methods of links building for a start-up business!!!

Posted by - January 7, 2019 Author: sayforchange sayforchange


Best 15 methods to create quality backlinks for a start-up business!!!

Are you a new SEO learner? Or looking for quality links building for your startup business? Then, this blog can be useful for you. I am mentioning here the most effective techniques to create quality backlinks in an easy way. First, let me tell you what is a backlink for a website, so backlink is a link between your website and guest website in an appropriate way. This can be in the form of an anchor text link, hyperlink and direct your web address URL. Backlink can be formed in many ways depending upon guest website and mode of submission. But backlinks generally created to increase the website traffic in an efficient way.  Let us suppose, if a website has a large number of backlinks, there is a possibility that the general traffic to this website will be in good figures. However, traffic also depends upon doing follow and no follow backlinks.

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So, check out here what are the most effective techniques to create quality backlinks.


Generally, backlinks are two types: Internal links and external links, both forms have their benefits. Internal links mean links those direct from your website to other websites or between your website pages, where external links define those links which divert from other websites to your web page. But here today, I am elaborating only methods of external links.


Best methods of link building:-

1. Social bookmarking:- Social bookmarking is a link building method where we promote our web services or business services on social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler etc. Nowadays there is heavy traffic exist over such platforms, so advertising on such platforms promote you inefficient way within the quickest time frame. This method is my favorite one also because of receiving user feedback immediately.

2. Guest blog posting:-This is another effective way of link building. However, it is not easy to do a guest posting. Guest posting is a method where we can post our blog or meaningful content in such a website which offers guest posting. Each website has its term and conditions for approval of your blog posting. So the best way for getting success in the guest blog posting is to write the unique content related to your niche and follow the instructions on the related guest website. Some websites take 4 to 6 days for approval of your blog.

3. Classifieds posting:- If you are selling products online or offline in a specific area, then this method can be useful for you. Classifieds are those sites which allow you to advertise your products in related categories and in your location. Here you can publish your product prices and can highlight your any new offer.

4. Microblogging: These sites are similar to blog sites, but they also accept content in microform. We can post content 150 to 300 words on these websites. If we post unique and meaningful content in an effective way, then these postings prove very useful in spite of long blogs because most users have not enough time to read long blogs.

5. Quora: This is also a popular way to produce backlinks. Quora is a platform where we can ask any question related to any subject, and there are a lot of users are active to give you answers. You are also allowed to give answers to the questions are those asked by others. Make sure you are answering correctly and with pieces of evidence, such answers normally have a lot of views in a quick time.

6. Directory websites: This method was very popular in last 5 to 6 years, but with the Google`s new recommendation for SEO techniques, it lost some its dignity, but it is still effective in many senses, so we cannot ignore it. Trust me, if we post the content on High DA/PA directory submission sites, it will improve your keywords ranking also.

7. Image sharing:- This includes posting of relevant images related to your business services over the other websites which accept the images, most of these sites accept more than one image and we have also opted to post relevant content in some of image sharing websites.

8. PPT sharing: We have to prepare PPT first for our services, after that select best PPT sharing websites over the intranet for sharing the files. This is also a useful method to explain your business services in brief and also you can add anchor text links to PPT file.

9. Video sharing: Video can explain any business service in just a few seconds with an efficient way. Only need good video recording and editing of it to make an effective campaign. U TUBE is the biggest platform today to share your video to thousands of users within a few minutes.

10. Infographics: Infographics are almost similar to image sharing only difference is a creation of well-designed banner with the help of graphics or infographic which tell your business services. There are many websites over the intranet which accept infographics.

11. Profile Creation: It is just a registration of your services or business over the quality websites. It enhances your online presence and sometimes creates very useful links which divert huge traffic to your web page. But it is important to decorate your profile over the guest sites with the proper elaboration of your offered services.

12. Article submission: Create a unique content first about 500 to 600 words with good headings and subheadings, optimize your targeted keywords within the content and then scan it for the grammatical mistakes. Now your article is ready for publishing. Find such websites which allow users to post their article and make your article post.

13. PDF sharing:-You can prepare pdf in an easy form using online tools, first explain your services over an MS doc file after that convert it into PDF file using online tools. These tools are mostly free to use.

14. Blog commenting: – Search first relevant blogs over the intranet, now go to the comment section. Make sure before to make a comment you have briefly read the blog over there. Only related or relevant comments remain long-lasting.

15. Forum posting: Forum posting is also similar to blog commenting, but here we comment over the relevant forums. Forums are platforms where we share our technical problems and others are helping us with their suggestions and answers. When you answer or comment over any forum you can leave your web URL under your name.


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These are my favorite methods to create quality backlinks, You can go through each method and deploy your best effort for links building.  I am 100% sure that you will get definite success in your link building campaign.


So Create your content first, search quality websites and deploy your effective techniques to link building. Your success is not far away,  you just need a step to move ahead.


Posted by - January 7, 2019 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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