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Pro Tips to Master the Art of Making New Friends

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

Pro Tips to Master the Art of Making New Friends

Making new friends is a rewarding experience, but alas, a majority of people find it really intimidating to make new ones. Life feels pretty bored if you choose to walk alone! But when a friend shares the low moments in your life, you get the motivation to keep going. Making new friends is an art that could be excelled.

Getting soul friends isn’t a matter of luck but a matter of trying and you could make it if you follow the tips below:

1. Never Hesitate to Initiate a Conversation

Do you find it scary to meet and initiate a chat with new people? Well, you are not alone! It’s just a phobia that stops from being social and makes new friends. But it isn’t scary as it seems to be. Though initiating a conversation is a bit difficult task, but as soon as it gets started, things start becoming easier. Keep the mental fear at bay and talk something that you think is more suitable to the situation. You will surely have their responses. Who knows if they get along with you on your life journey?

2. Start Small to Make Things Easier

If you aren’t socializing for a while, the idea of meeting new people on the day out might seem like intimidating to you. But if you start small, socializing will not feel like a burden to you. Then, how to begin? Instead of directly saying for a meet-up to a new person you have just come across a couple of days ago, drop a friendly SMS just to greet him. This will indulge both of you into a conversation and will bring you one step closer to him. Invite him for a meet-up whenever you feel right.

3. Join Online Communities to Make New Friends

Are you the kind of person who stays at home all day long? Then, making new friends could be pretty difficult for you. You need to move your limbs to get more socialized and optimize the chances of making new friends in life. Join meetup groups on Facebook or simply get registered on the meetup.com website for networking with like-minded people. You will be amazed to see a big crowd on these groups waiting to meet new people like you. It would make things even easier for you.


4. Volunteer to Make Friends Across Continents

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends while doing some social work. The best part is that there’s no shortage of volunteer work. You can volunteer for almost anything you love. For instance, teaching, helping communities with your farming skills and lots of other social work. Volunteer internships are available throughout the year and across the globe. From Africa to Thailand, Columbia to Taiwan, you could apply for volunteer positions anywhere. What could be better than meeting new people while helping communities?

5. Throw Occasional Parties to Get Connections

Are you a party lover? Well, making friends could be relatively easier for you. Just throw occasional parties and invite your dear friends and neighbors to indulge in some pretty good chat sessions. Don’t spare a chance to party hard on occasions like Christmas, birthdays or any other life event. A party-lover always has the people’s interests and never falls short of friends. You just have to convert those friends to true friends whom you find interesting. Surely, you would grow your friend base to a bigger number.

6. Join Outdoor Activities to Get Socialized

Passionate about a specific outdoor activity? Wow, you have found the way to connect with some new people and make friends who could along with you on the life journey. Join a new yoga class in your vicinity or walk into a CrossFit gym nearby you or join Zumba classes. There are a lot more opportunities for you to make some really good connections in these activity classes. Until you try, you would never know if your soul friend is around you in these activity sessions.

The Final Takeaway

Having a true friend is a total bliss, in fact, the more the better! If you learn to be socialized while keeping the social phobia away, then you could have more number of friends in your life than you can count. Show your genuine care in people’s hard moments of life and you would have their trust which is the foundation of a friendship. Remember, a rich person isn’t rich in real terms if he has no one to share his feelings in life. But richest is the one who has earned more friends in life, so don’t be shy to be the one!

Posted by - May 24, 2018 Author: sayforchange sayforchange

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